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The 9 Cutest Frogs Breeds (With Pictures)

a Red-Eyed Tree Frog in a jungle

Frogs are an increasingly popular pet because there are many varieties available. They live in many different environments, so you can keep them in an aquarium, terrarium, or a mixture of both. You can sort the frogs in many ways but sorting them by cuteness is the most fun. If you are thinking about getting a frog for your home but want to see what kind of options you have, keep reading while we list some of the cutest frog breeds kept as pets.

new frog dividerThe 9 Cutest Frog Breeds

1. Poison Dart Frogs

green and black poison dart frog on a leaf
Image Credit: worldswildlifewonders, Shutterstock
Size: 1 inch
Lifespan: 3–15 years
Colors: yellow, red, copper, blue, black, green

The Poison Dart Frog is attractive and colorful. You can find it in many colors, and it has large black spots over its body. You can find it in its natural habitat in Central and South America, where it’s usually active during the day. It’s a small frog that enjoys a humid environment.

  • Beware this frog is toxic, so although it’s cute to look at – please do not touch!

2. Borneo Eared Frog

Size: 2.5–3 inch
Lifespan: 5–6 years
Colors: yellow, tan

The Borneo Eared Frog is also called the File-Eared Tree Frog, and this is slightly larger than our previous frog at almost three inches. It has a lemon yellow to tan body with many small black stripes. There are also black stripes on the leg and a serrated bony crest above the ear. It prefers the lowlands where it likes to reside in the tree branches.

3. Grey Tree Frogs

gray treefrog
Image Credit: waltersgreenhouse, Pixabay
Size: 1.5–2 inch
Lifespan: 5–9 years
Colors: green, grey, brown

Grey Tree Frogs change their color depending on their environment, and it can range from green to grey to brown.  It’s a small frog that is similar to the Cope’s Gray Treefrog. It’s an attractive but nocturnal frog that is capable of surviving freezing temperatures.

4. Red-Eye Tree Frog

Red Eye Tree frog on the leaf_Vaclav Sebek_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Vaclavsebek, Shutterstock
Size: 1 inch
Lifespan: 3–15 years
Colors: yellow, red, copper, blue, black, green

The Red-Eye Tree Frog is a popular frog breed to keep in captivity. It has a green body with large red eyes with narrow pupils. It uses the large pupils to startle predators, so it has time to run.

5. White Tree Frogs

white lipped tree frog
Image Credit: Kurit afshen, Shutterstock
Size: 3–5 inch
Lifespan: 15–20 years
Colors: muddy brown to green

The white Tree Frog comes from Australia, and it can range from a muddy brown to green in color. Some frogs can also take on a blue tint. It’s a heavily built frog, and the females are slightly larger than the males. These frogs are one of the most popular breeds on this list, and you can find them in most pet stores.

6. Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog
Image Credit: miniformat65, Pixabay
Size: 4–5 inches
Lifespan: 6–8 years
Colors: yellow-orange, red orange

The Tomato Frog is a large bulky animal that can puff itself up when it feels threatened to look similar to a tomato. The skin also releases a toxin that can numb the mouth end eyes of a predator. The Tomato Frog is on several endangered species lists and might be a little more difficult to find than most others on this list.

7. Granular Glass Frog

Size: 1 inch
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Colors: yellow, red, copper, blue, black, green

Granular Glass Frogs are amazing pets that are fun to watch because they are transparent, allowing you to see their internal organs. They usually have a green tint but can be several other colors as well. These frogs are arboreal and spend the majority of their lives in trees.

8. Golden Poison Frog

Size: 1–2 inch
Lifespan: 10 years
Colors: yellow, orange, and green

The Golden Poison Frog is a type of Dart frog from the Pacific coast of Columbia. These frogs are usually a golden yellow color but can also be orange or even green. These frogs make especially good pets because they are active during the day. They prefer a rainforest environment with plenty of humidity.

9. Amazon Milk Frog

amazon milk frog_Kurit afshen_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Kurit afshen, Shutterstock
Size: 2.5–4 inches
Lifespan: 8 years
Colors: light brown with grey or black

The Amazon Milk Frog is one of the larger frogs on this list and can grow to almost four inches long. They are usually a light brown color with patches of grey or black. They have golden eyes with black crosses, and the children have brighter colors and smoother skin than the children.

new frog dividerSummary

When choosing your next frog, we highly recommend Poison Dart Frog or the Golden Poison frog because they are both quite popular and active during the day. The Red-Eyed Tree Frog is another excellent choice and is sure to attract the attention of any guests that you have visiting. These frogs are easy to spot in any cage and are entertaining to watch.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this list and have found a few frogs you would like to keep in your house. If we helped you choose your next pet, please share this guide to nine cute frogs that will make you happy.

Featured Image Credit: katja, Pixabay

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